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We prepare nearly 1,000 tax returns annually.  These returns range in complexity from simple 1040EZ returns to complex business and non-profit returns.  We also specialize in helping you understand your taxes by being available to discuss your tax situation and providing guidance on how tax law affects your specific situation.


We perform more than 50 peer reviews annually, and we have established an approach which minimizes the time the reviewed firm needs to devote to its peer review.  Please see our website: for information on our peer review services.  We also perform many review and audit engagements each year, emphasizing in non-profit, governmental, and construction industries.



We have a passion for helping businesses achieve more than they ever thought possible.  Whether you need to assess risks in your current business environment so you can properly prepare for them, want to improve how information flows through your business so you can make quicker and more informed decisions, or are looking to leverage new technology to improve how your business operates, we can help.  With our extensive knowledge in many areas of business we are prepared to help take your business to the next level.

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